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ENTRY with ´Your Best Interest´ and full length ´Detriment´ on 17th July

Los Angeles based hardcore punk band ENTRY shall release their debut full length ´Detriment´ via „Southern Lord“ on 17th July on LP and digital formats. This follows their sold-out 7” ´No Relief´ on „Dune Altar“.

Compact and ferocious, ´Detriment´ is a diverse album and a breath of fresh air in the genre. The debut showcases ENTRY’s appreciation for different aspects of punk and hardcore, and their imaginative songwriting that is condensed into nine succinct musical statements of intent.

As a collective, ENTRY firm belief in the power of punk and the uniting nature of music, and with ´Detriment´ they reflect themselves and their community with integrity and authenticity. This caught the ears of „Southern Lord“-label owner Greg Anderson, who remarks „The unhinged intensity of Entry’s live performance at the last Power of the Riff fest blew me away.  They embody many of the characteristics of powerful underground music that I have been obsessed with since my youth!.” 

Listen to the Lead-Track ´Your Best Interest´ via BANDCAMPSPOTIFYYOUTUBE & APPLE MUSIC

ENTRY started as a project between Sara G and Clayton Stevens (of TOUCHÉ AMORÉ) inspired by the likes of DISCHARGE, MINOR THREAT, CONVERGE, TRAGEDY, THE CRAMPS and THE EXPLOITED. The punk community at large is as inspiring as it has ever been to them.

Bass player Sean Sakamoto plays in the indie pop band SHEER and is a recording engineer in LA, while drummer Chris Dwyer is also a recording engineer in LA, Sara’s musical origins come from punk bands in Pennsylvania, and Clayton also continues to play guitar in TOUCHÉ AMORÉ on „Epitaph Records“.

ENTRY have played the Olympia Hardcore Festival, and Ceremony’s Homesick festival in Los Angeles. Opening for bands like CAREER SUICIDE, KRIMEWATCH, SUNN, DANGERS, DESPISE YOU, SECT and SHOW ME THE BODY.


Track list: 

Your Best Interest
Selective Empathy
These Feelings
Not Your Decision


ENTRY are:

Sean Sakamoto- Bass Guitar
Sara G- Vocals
Chris Dwyer-Drums
Clayton Stevens- Guitar