Dying Victims Productions

Dying Victims Productions präsentiert aktuell mehrere Kassetten-Produktionen. Enjoy:

Luzifer – Black Knight – Rise MC

Despite the massive success of their killer main band Vulture Steeler and Genözider find enough time to quench their thirst for heavy metal. They draw influences from iconic acts such as Heavy Load or Mercyful Fate and celebrate traditional heavy metal the way it is supposed to be.


Sign of the Jackal – Breaking the Spell CD / MC

Ten years after their first demo this Italian 5-piece is back! Their second album picks up exactly where they stopped with their 2013 “Mark of the Beast” album. Great traditional heavy metal with a powerful vocal performance by their singer Laura. If bands like Warlock or Acid sound right to your ears, you will love Sign of the Jackal as well. The 8 new tracks + intro are perfect material for each and every old school headbanger out there.


Dungeon – Purifying Fire MC

Great old school speed metal from London, UK. Mixing in some elements of death and heavy metal the four piece attacks posers with a purifying fire. This 6 track ep is a treat for every old school speed metal maniac!


Schafott – The Black Flame MC

(Ex) members of Abyssous, Chörnyj Woron and Roadkill deliver an impressive black thrash metal record which expands the limits of the genre by including longer tracks with lots of variations. Sinister and dark aggression meets (sometimes) melancholic melodies. Nevertheless always authentic and old school.