Interview with Carlos Denogean

Da uns die Amerikaner SALVACIÓN gerade mit ihrem neuen Sänger und Album begeistert haben, mussten wir uns Carlos Denogean, Gründungsmitglied und Drummer der Band, angeln, um ihm ein paar Fragen über das Wieso, Weshalb und Warum zu entlocken.

Hier unser kleines Interview im Originalwortlaut:

You have a new singer in the band – how did you find Elliot Madre?

Elliot goes way back with us. He was in a band called Praetorious that we played many shows with us early on. He has been a long time fan and supporter of the band. When our singer quit he was an obvious choice because his style actually better suited our original vision of the band.

How did the idea arise to release your second album ‚Way More Unstoppable‘ again – under the addition of ‚Redux‘?

Although we were very proud of the songs on the album we were never happy with how it sounded. It was the perfect opprotunity to introduce Elliot to the world while we work on new material and give the album a chance to be heard the way we intended it to be. The “Redux” is a refrence to the classic movie ‚Apolocypse Now Redux.‘

Why just the second album and not the last one too?

Our live set consists mostly of songs from Way More Unstoppable. It is a very fun and energectic set that never loses momentum. I believe it is the best introduction to the band if someone has never heard us before.

Did you also make changes to the music – or just rerecorded the singing?

In addition to the new vocals, new guitar solos have been added and the bass was re-amped to give it a heavier fuller sound that sounds more like what we actually sound like live. It was remixed and remastered and now features to bonus tracks. A cover of RIOTs ´Swords & Tequila´ and ´Push It To The Limit´ from the movie ´Scarface´.

Do you want to do it with the other two albums too?

I would like to, esepcially ´God Gold Glory´. That is the album I am most proud of.

Tell us your band-story, please!

I formed the band in 2009 with the purpose of paying homage to classic heavy metal and keeping the tradition alive and vital. It has been very difficult to find members who share my passion and commitment but I truly believe our current lineup does.

Your band members have changed often. How did the current line-up come together?

All of the current members have proven their commitment to Heavy Metal in their other bands and all of us have bonded over similar influences and share the same desire to help expose the world to good music.

I think you are all active in other groups. Where are the priorities at the moment?

SALVACIÓN is the main priority but we are proud of our other bands and projects. We just can’t get enough heavy metal!

Rumors say you are working on new material. When can we expect it?

We are releasing a 4 song EP this summer. And we will begin recording a full length in the Fall with hopefully a winter release.

How does the new stuff sound?

We do not want to change the style of the band we just want to keep working on our craft and making our songs as good as they can be.

Are your musical influences more rooted in US Metal or Hard Rock?

Equal parts of both. We are big fans of metal from the late 70’s and early 80’s when there was no clear division of genres.

When do we see you live on stage?

Yes, hopefully we will be debuting our new material at our upcoming festival appearances at ´Ragnarokkr´ and ´Frost And Fire´.

Thanks! See you soon in Europe hopefully!

Thank you so much for the interest and support. And yes hopefully you will be seeing us in Europe next spring!